To me, retweeting someone else’s updates on twitter is like showing him/her love. It implies your approval of the message passed. So it goes beyond just clicking that little spanner-like button.

Realizing how important what you approve of is to your personal or business reputation, it behoves you to take a little caution before you click that somewhat miniature revolver button. And as the symbol portrays, you are actively contributing to making that tweet go around. It is one of the most viral mechanisms invented in Social Media, especially from inside the Twitter platform itself.

The image below sums up a few things to consider before pressing the button.

Guide for retweeting

To throw more light on the little descriptive above, here is my

 List of 4 Things to Consider Before Clicking that Retweet Button:

  1. QUALITY OF UPDATE: If the content of the update is not of good quality, makes no sense, or doesn’t add any value, there is no point helping the tweeter spread emptiness.
  2. VALUES CONVEYED: You have to ensure the message that was tweeted is in consonance with your own personal values and beliefs. Put yourself in the shoes of the person passing along the message, not as someone reporting it. Can you exactly stand for the message.
  3. ENGAGEMENT QUOTIENT: Check if the message would help you engage more with your followers or the tweeter’s followers. A tweet should get your tribe talking. Remember, it is your tribe, so you should know what gets them talking by now.
  4. WORTHINESS OF TWEET: Look deeply into the tweet and ask if the tweet is really worth sharing. Will your followers receive it well.

You might well just be asking yourself why you have to consider this or that before you retweet someone. If you consider yourself as your own brand, then this would mean a lot to you.

Hope you find content from SociallyNaija indeed inspiring and actionable enough to earn your retweet. So go ahead and follow @sociallynaija and retweet our posts to your followers…. Thank you.

Remember, Social Media is not all about YOU, and that is why it is called SOCIAL, so share the love for relevant content by retweeting today!


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