5 Tweet Styles That Will Surely Get You Attention

You sure would have been wondering what is the best format my tweets should come in, in order to increase engagement and new follower interests. I want to draw your attention to these Power 5 styles you can adopt in your tweets going forward which guarantees better engagement. Here are my top picks:


Q:Do you know why you should not be tweeting without images most times?
A: Tweets with images in them get twice the engagement ordinary text tweets would give.

Tweeting with images-visual-content

If you’re using Buffer, you can just right-click the images into your content and open them in Buffer from there. Or choose to upload directly in twitter and via other social media dashboard apps like Hootsuite. This is an amazing possibility on tablets. From your image gallery,you can use the share button and choose to share via various social networks and social media dashboard apps that you have installed on your smart phone. You could also install the hootlet extension on chrome. I have found this quite convenient.

What kind of images can you tweet:

  • Quotes
  • Questions/Surveys
  • Photos edited to pass on a message
  • Infographics
  • Tips
  • How-to guides illustrated
  • Checklists


Tweets with hashtags also get twice as much engagement as those without. If you can pay the price of consistency and if your content is quite interesting to people,you can create your own hashtags. Else, you can use Hashtagify to find the best,most relevant and popular hashtags for any given subject to reach your audience? If you have, you should consider starting to gather in-depth intelligence about them. Especially as it affects your geographical domain. I ran a hashtag search on Nigeria. Below is a snapshot of the result I got. #Nigeria on twitter

Guess what? The way you spell your hashtag also matters. It’s better to go with the most popular combination of Big CAPS and Small caps. Fortunately, Hashtagify also gives this insight.   If you created your own hashtag for instance you can Save & manage them, and receive hashtag alerts. You could also explore trendsmap.I would advise that you limit its use to two hashtags per tweet. Do not use irrelevant terms please.


Some people have this illusion that tweeting is all about them and no one else. You would just end up being a one-man army.Social media has gone far beyond monochromatic(permit me) communication; and that is why it is SOCIAL. You should recognize people.

Here is a quick guide:

Q:When should you retweet or acknowledge your followers?

1. When your follower tweets a quality content: Forget whether he is qualified to say what he says, as long as what he says resonates with your own values

2.When they make key contributions in a twitter chat or on a hashtag you have created.

3. When they intend to reach another follower in the same conversation. You’ll observe this in most of Leke Alder’s #Letr2Jil and a host of other hashtags he runs.

For a deeper treatise on retweeting, read the post I did a post on 4 Things to consider before hitting that Retweet button


Hold periodic twitter chats with your followers so that you can interact with them, and among themselves. This brings up the usefulness of hashtags again. The dynamics of hosting a succesful Twitter chat will be treated in the coming weeks. But it basically circles around creating topics of conversation around a subject which informed your hashtag. You can easily coordinate twitter chats with tchat.io

hosting a twitter chat


Expose your followers to highly relevant videos or audio clips(whether produced by you or others) via links. They will be grateful for it. Back it up with a compelling description to increase click-throughs. Interesting enough it is that now, you can play Youtube videos directly on Twitter without being redirected out of the platform. Pictures also have an amazing preview.

use videos in twitter

I would like to re-iterate that only if you use these methods consistently combined with quality content would you reap the full benefits…. I draw the curtain here. HAPPY TWEETING!


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